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March 8, 2013
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zero // h. hallestrom by draaft zero // h. hallestrom by draaft
EDIT: THANK YOU FOR ACCEPTING ME! QvQ! If anyone would like to roleplay, please don't hesitate to drop me a note! I prefer to roleplay with lit/paragraphs. /w/


this was originally gabriel for those of you still remember that butt bUT EVERYTHING WENT DOWNHILL FROM THERE
they were supposed to be magpie wings but idk how to draw

i tried

A special gigantic thanks to :iconkiyokoamaya: for recommending me to the group and all the support she's given me all the way through! ;_; How could I forget to mention this asdjlk;sdf;sdfargh QAQ COME HERE AND LET ME SQUISH YOU FOREVER LIKE I ALWAYS DO ANYWAY BUT I LOVE YOU OKAY


[ n a m e. ] Hannes Hallestrøm
[ b i r t h d a y. ] 1st April
[ a g e. ] Seventeen
[ g e n d e r. ] Male
[ n a t i o n a l i t y. ] Swedish
[ h e i g h t. ] 181cm // 5'9
[ b l o o d - t y p e. ] A, Rh-
[ z o d i a c. ] Aries
[ o c c u p a t i o n. ] Student; part-time waiter at a restaurant in Central.
[ z o n e. ] One

[ d e m o n i c - w e a p o n. ] Megaphone 'Marziale'
The megaphone has three main attacking functions. Its default function is to emit ear-damaging, high-decibel sounds focused in a given direction in successive 'disturbances' (like giant gun 'bullets' made of sound). It is high in damage and range, but can only shoot around one shot per three seconds, also due to its slight knock-back effect. When the opponent is hit, they are blasted away and sent in the direction of the attack. The higher the opponent's density/weight (or defence), the less they will be knocked back and less damage dealt. It causes temporary ear pain and/or headache on the specified opponent after hit. It acts similar to a 'sound laser' if Hannes screams into the megaphone at a given direction. The secondary function is also triggered by his sound input and has a damaging effect on hearing within a radius. Both functions requiring his voice can last only a very short amount of time; approximately ten - twenty seconds at most. If it went any longer, it would damage his vocal cords and he would not be able to attack for an extremely long time. As for the final function—which really isn't much of a function at all—in case of close combat, he literally has no choice but to try and land hits by swinging the megaphone around. The weapon is high in density.

(Note: It does not usually have a cord or requires one to function, but it can be pulled out from the back and retracted.)

[ t y p e. ] Magical
[ e l e m e n t. ] Sound

[ p e r s o n a l i t y. ]

/ stern / sardonic / sentimental / irritable / reliant / passive / obedient / dubious / altruistic / observant /

Hannes perpetually frowns. His lack of other expressions immediately sets him up as a callous, stoic-faced and reticent teenager at first glance, which isn’t completely incorrect - he rarely strikes up a conversation and they never last longer than a minute. He isn’t necessarily aloof or putting up a cold façade; he's simply not very outwardly expressive. This doesn’t mean that he is entirely unsociable, however. He prefers to socialise with people that he deems to be quiet and reserved. He reserves a majority of his thoughts and opinions to pen and paper.

Writing diary—uh, records of the day has become an integral part of his daily routine. It started off as letters to Lillian (mentioned below), although it has slowly progressed into an obsessive habit of simply writing down what he experiences (whining/complaining taking up at least half of it). It’s therapeutic and keeps his mind off other things. When writing about others, they are remembered by their idiosyncrasies - he has good visual memory and is observant of others, whether it be their expressions, simple physical features or habits. 

Hannes is swayed by his emotions and other people’s opinions very easily. In fact, he pretends that he’s a mature, cynical adult and not the idealistic child he really is. When push comes to shove, he actually winds up being afraid of any consequences and tries to indirectly enforce the rules on others out of concern. 

Having spent a life of things being conveniently delivered on a plate or being led around, Hannes fails spectacularly at pretending that he can manage on his own. He has little faith in his own decisions and often looks towards others to rely on. Because that he doesn't have enough faith in his own choices, he's excellent at following instructions, but can't lead anyone to save his life. Besides burning money on fashion, he burns it on convenience. Don't have any transport? Call for a taxi. Can't cook? Hire a cook. Have too many things to carry? Call for the caretaker. And a taxi. Despite the fact that he has a part-time job, it's really just for play money - it will never match his frivolous spending on convenience. He's susceptible of wallowing in self-pity and taking his grandiose lifestyle for granted.

Otherwise, he is considerably soft at heart. As long as someone asks him for forgiveness, he instantly forgives. He wouldn't intentionally hurt someone without reason (and even with reason, he's hesitant), and would back down quickly if he knew he was pushing it or going too far. Most of the time, he just bitterly sulks and passively sends glares at one's general direction to show that he doesn't like someone, and perhaps angrily mutter a few remarks in their presence in the form of comebacks (that he half-heartedly hopes won't be heard).

[ l i k e s. ]
> Fashion
> Quietness
> Praise/approval
> Black/grey/white (because it's exactly what he's told he can only see)
> Convenience
> Literature
> Seafood
> Magpies (for their beauty)
> Coffee
> Rain

[ d i s l i k e s. ]
> Bright light (due to sight condition)
> People who are way too overly cheerful (annoying)
> Medicine
> Being treated like a child
> Magpies (mixed feelings)
> Grotesque (eurgh)
> Getting touched by unfamiliar people

[ h i s t o r y. ]

Achromatopsia. (n) ā-ˌkrō-mə-ˈtäp-sē-ə
Rare, inherited vision disorder in which a person has little or no ability to see colour. People with achromatopsia also commonly experience some vision loss, especially in bright light, to which they are extremely sensitive. The severity of achromatopsia varies.

It didn’t matter all that much. Apart from not knowing what the difference between ‘red’, ‘blue’, ‘green’ or ‘yellow’ is and sometimes having trouble seeing things clearly, Hannes led a relatively tranquil, upper-class childhood in Sweden. He lived with his picture-perfect, supportive and gentle father and a nanny or two for when he was absent due to work after he reached the age of eight. He didn't have much recollection of his mother, as she was admitted to a psychiatric hospital for post-partum psychosis in his earlier years (this was not known until much later). But that never really mattered either. His father made all his troubles go away, protected him and sang lullabies in his non-existent mother’s place. They harboured a perfect father-son relationship. Hannes idolised his father and immensely looked up to him in every way possible, abiding to his every word. He made him feel safe, from an induced fear and need for safety.

During his adolescent years, they immigrated to the City and moved into Zone One. That was where he was introduced to a strange, tomboyish girl, a year or two older than himself. ‘Lillian’. Lillian Hallestrøm. The girl was rather different from the others that were discreetly brought into the house at night and forced out through the back door in the morning. She stayed home for weeks, months, spoke too fast and laughed too loud. She was his illegitimate half-sister. But that wasn't going to matter, right? Unlike Hannes, Lillian went to the local public school and often came home late or didn't come home for a night or two, while he was strictly home-schooled with private tutors and given the better treatment. He was smothered with the protection and affection that she never seemed to receive from father. Yet, how could she still be so happy? Upon knowing this, he slightly warmed up to her out of childish concern.

And she really wasn't all that bad. For a while. Hannes learnt of her love for books, writing, music and... rebellion. As father had to take a three-month business trip, he came to learn of Lillian's hatred towards such a 'restricting' and 'uptight' father. Initially, Hannes himself did not believe this. But it was, in a way, true - after moving out of Sweden, he could count on one hand the number of times he was ever out of the house and front yard, and not once did he ever leave without his father's watchful eye. Lillian sneaked into the office to show him the evidence. Files of his pre-school teachers, classmates, private tutors and nannies. There was a strange, unknown reason why most children avoided him during his childhood, and neither of the two knew exactly what their father did for a job. They were certain that it was not just a simple 'businessman'. All the more eerie. Becoming extremely unsure of himself, he began to rely on Lillian and allowed her to lead his hand. She taught him various ways of mischief, sneaked out of the house and showed him around to her friends, which mainly consisted of... people that his father had warned him about previously. It was a bad idea, but... that became the reason for doing it in the first place. It was exciting. Unbeknownst to Hannes, Lillian was not actually doing it out of kindness, but it was to take out her frustration and hatred towards their father onto him--the precious, only legitimate child of the Hallestrøm family.

Over two months, Hannes experienced and learnt many things with the help of Lillian. She was clever, charismatic, reliable, imaginative, enthusiastic-- she was perfect. She made him feel safe, without the need of his father. Lillian, too, was profiting from it. Inch by inch, they became a little closer and attached to each other. They learned of each other's pasts. Lillian, too, became motherless not long before their arrival - her mother had gone missing. However, Hannes understood that she felt the same way he felt towards father. She then became the one that informed him of his mother's condition. They understood and comforted each other. From that moment onwards, Lillian began to feel a slight feeling of guilt over dragging Hannes into danger for selfish reasons.

Then Father returned.

He was aware. Aware of everything that they did. None of their tricks worked. Hannes expected a scolding. But it didn't happen. He was pulled into a tight, forgiving hug, oblivious of the scorching, murderous glare being sent over his shoulder in Lillian's direction. And from that week onwards, Lillian was a lot quieter, but still acted cheerful around the youngest boy, who believed that father had forgiven them both. That she was not being punished behind his back in the form of abuse, that it was all just her being a little clumsy during sport. Lillian accepted the punishments silently - she deserved it, after all. She acted on her selfishness and nearly fatally harmed her own brother. Her guilt manifested itself into a plummeting self-esteem and deteriorating mental health. At this point, she also had feelings towards Hannes. That obviously doesn't help with her mental well-being. Yet, she couldn't bring herself to completely leave Hannes. She needed to be there for him.

On the other side, Hannes couldn't understand Lillian's sudden quietness. As he was sent to a private school, he began to become caught up in his own thoughts. He began to realise that he didn't feel the same 'family' affection that he felt towards his father towards Lillian. Eventually, he was sure that he had, of all things, fallen for Lillian, his own sister. There was simply no way for him to suddenly break that to her. What would people say? What would Father say? It was wrong, but... What was wrong? Was he in love with her, or the freedom she brought to him?

Their feelings really ended up developing and escalating into a affair built on desperation, hopelessness and the need for comfort - with neither of them sure whether the other really felt the same way, but they tried to basically use each other to lean on and took advantage of it. Hannes' early high school life went downhill - he was being blackmailed with photographic evidence of the places and events that he had been dragged into by Lillian in the past - this played a factor. He sought desperately for comfort from Lillian and relied heavily on her to regain the feeling of safety, while Lillian herself desperately clung onto Hannes as a source of comfort from the punishment in the form of abuse.

Time passed. The inevitable happened.

Hannes discovered what was being done to Lillian, why she began taking pills in the middle of the day and why she lost the usual spark in her eyes. It all made sense. He realised that Lillian had the choice to leave, but she would not have anywhere else to go. His perception of his father had crumbled. Out of panic and uncertainty, being unable to protect her and having conflicted feelings about his father, he could only blame himself. Home became unsafe. It was unsafe for both of them. Father was dangerous, and he had failed to protect her.

One fateful night, they decided to escape.

If there was no longer a place they belonged to, then--

They were going to set each other free.

One for sorrow,
Two for joy,
Three for girl,
Four for boy,
Five for silver,
Six for gold,
Seven for a secret never to be told.
They ran as far as they could into the night without any transport, so that nobody would know and come after them.

Seven was all it took. They closed their eyes and fed them to each other.

Hand in hand, they closed their eyes and leaned against each other nervously, falling into their last nebulous dream—


Hannes. (n)
The diminutive of Johannes; God is gracious.

16-Year-Old Survives Suicide Pact Murder.

It was on the headlines, news bulletins, everywhere. Hannes woke to the white ceiling of a hospital and his father's relieved, tired face and tear-filled eyes. He said nothing. He didn't need to stay in the hospital for long. But when he did, time stretched out before him. Why was he left behind? Who found them? His mind was blank. His father informed him that he was blessed with a miracle, for the caretaker to have caught sight of their empty bedrooms late at night. The supposed 'evidence' note hidden under Lillian's pillow convinced the world that she coerced the boy into a suicide pact, that she was solely responsible. That she was the murderer, suffering from intense depression and was driven to the point that she wanted to take Hannes with her. Nobody would know the truth—not even his father. Nobody would listen to the truth. (Lillian died much earlier than Hannes, because of the combined effects of taking both antidepressants and the said pills. It was going to take much longer for the effect to happen on Hannes and during that time period, he was saved. If Lillian had not taken antidepressants beforehand, the story would take a very different course.)

When Hannes was discharged from hospital, for a period of time, he was treated like some sort of miraculous survivor and sent to therapy for PTSD, sponsored by some foundation, which was really unnecessary. Life seemed to pass on as usual. He distanced himself away from his father. Noticing this, his father—who still loves him dearly—transferred him to another private school, bought a house for him on the other side of Zone One, gave him a supply of money and a caretaker, quietly hoping that they could reconcile one day for his mistakes. Even if it was just a day in the distant future.

Seven for a secret never to be told.

... One for sorrow.

[ s u m m a r y. ]
Hannes was born in Sweden with achromatopsia. His mother left early due to post-partum psychosis, resulting in an extremely protective father who smothered him in security and made sure that his son, too, would feel concern for his own safety. Immigrated and went to live in Zone 1 during his adolescent years, introduced to Lillian, who was his illegitimate older half-sister, who let out her hatred towards their father onto Hannes by doing things that were rebellious, pretending to be helping him and freeing him from their father's smothering control. Ended up in dangerous, life-threatening situations. Lillian began to feel guilt. Their father finds out and pretends to have forgiven them, but Lillian was punished secretly in the form of abuse. Lillian develops depression, but this is hidden away from Hannes. Hannes was sent to a private school. Events lead up to their relations escalating into an incestuous affair. Hannes then finds out about Lillian's abuse. They decided to escape, then commit a lovers' suicide and fed each other an overdose of a certain type of pill. Lillian died before him because of her consumption of antidepressants beforehand, while Hannes was saved before he could die. Lillian's suicide note leads the world to believe that she was the intensely depressed murderer who tried to kill herself and take Hannes with her. Nobody believed in Hannes' truth, as they treat him like a miraculous survivor. Sent to therapy for PTSD, although rather unnecessary.

(Highly recommended to read at least the last section of history.)

Essentially, he became a Zero by being the direct cause of Lillian's death by being the one who fed the pills to her (and vice versa, but obviously he didn't die).

[ r e l a t i o n s. ]
> Reine Hallestrøm - Mother
A virtually non-existent figure for most of his life; imprisoned in an institute for post-partum psychosis. Hannes is sure that he would return to Sweden to see her in the future.

> Sven Hallestrøm - Father
On the surface, Sven is a successful CEO of a company that has several branches throughout Europe. Extremely protective of his son after the loss of his wife, he tried to make sure that he would not let Hannes out of his gaze for a split second and made sure that the boy was aware that the world would be 'unsafe'. He often bottled up his stress and explosive temper around Hannes and vented it out elsewhere through... various methods. Long before his marriage with Reine, he had an affair with Grace McCartney - Lillian's mother, whom he hated for being an 'adulterous traitor' later on, leading onto him also holding a grudge against Lillian. He gave her a chance to live within the Hallestrøm family when her mother vanished. However, he saw Lillian's actions towards Hannes, his precious son, as a betrayal of trust and harshly continued to punish her. This, of course, lead on a series of unfortunate events. After he read Lillian's 'suicide note', he developed a seething hatred towards her and refused to attend her funeral. Sven noticed that Hannes had tried to distance himself away from him. Thus, he decided to let his son go in the hopes of future reconciliation (which isn't happening any time soon).

> Lillian Hallestrøm/McCartney - Half-sister (Deceased)
Lillian was born in the City and lived with only her mother throughout her life. Not long before Sven and Hannes' arrival, her mother went missing and was believed to be a case connected to Sven. With this, she began to blame her 'father', who had simply abandoned them. Upon their arrival, with the help of legal matters, she managed to become a member of the Hallestrøm family instead of becoming an orphan. She initially sought for revenge. Initially, anyway. Whether Lillian's suicide note was true or not, nobody knows - Hannes obviously believes it to be false. Did Lillian want to leave the world carrying the blame out of guilt? Or did she predict/plan Hannes' survival? Or was the note really true, and it was truly a failed 'suicide pact murder'? Nobody actually knows the truth - not even Hannes himself. It's a mystery. It could also be argued that their 'affair' was not really an affair at all, and it was also partially the result of teenage curiosity and confusion from the given circumstances. They were physically involved to a certain extent. Also note that nobody else knew of the 'affair', except herself and Hannes. Currently, he visits her grave from time to time, with ridiculously sappy hand-written letters and flowers.

[ t r i v i a. ]
- Still doesn't know how to drive a car. Heavily relies on taxis - he falls asleep too easily on public transport.
- Cries easily. Has slightly more sensitive tear ducts than the average male.
- A romanticist. He likes objects of sentimental value.
- Wears glasses/shades that darken under light. He prefers not to use the specialised contacts for his condition (there are lens for the achromatopsia condition), since they completely darken the colour of his eyes and he finds that creepy.
- He actually works at night, in a low-lighting restaurant - the sort of restaurant that focuses on candle-lit dinners. Couples and families often go there. Much to his dismay.
- Talks with a slight 'Sviidish äccent'. Very occasionally mispronounces words. For example (although he doesn't mispronounce these words specifically) - juice (pronounced "use"), wash ("watch") and wine ("vine"), mostly while talking quickly in a panic.
- Plays two instruments - piano and clarinet.
- Responds to all 'HAINS', 'HAHNS' and 'HAH-NEHS' in regards to his name. He's far too used to people mispronouncing it.
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kjashfkjhaf *dies* Dangit Draaft- Hannes is such a greatly designed character OTL I almost cried like a baby shed a single man tear after reading his history- it was really very well written OTL "One for sorrow..." DANGIT. NO TEARS. I WONT. kjaflkjsaglksdj :iconkidcraiplz:

<3 I lav it ;v; I hope Hannes and my April could interact sometime- I think it'd be an interesting encounter xD;;
O-Oh gosh, you're too kind! Q_Q Thank you for even reading that wall of text, hahaha uvu;; asfjslffjd--

That sounds great! ^p^ It would be quite interesting, yes : o I look forward to it! /w/ Maybe we could roleplay sometime?
Oh my goodness I can't believe you replied to my silly comment! *dies* OTL
Of course, walls of text usually frighten me but your story was really interesting! It kept pulling me back in to finish it! ;v; :iconcheekpuniplz:

Oh wowie I'd be ecstatic if I could get a chance to roleplay with you! :iconfangasmingplz: I know lots have asked you already so if you truly don't have the time then I don't want to bother you further! ;v;
Oh gosh asfjslffjd-- QAQ Your words mean a lot to me! Gosh it's such an honour to be told such things!! uvu!! Once again, thank you very much for your kind words!

I'd be really, really happy to roleplay with you too! /*A*/ No, shhh, don't be silly! I just hope I don't disappoint you, I'm not good at roleplaying at all. 8D;; I'm still learning, hahaha-- Oh, do you have a preferred medium to roleplay on? *v* Do you by any chance have a Skype?
Gahhh you're so appreciative..! Q//u//Q :iconyuihugplz: So adorbs!</333 And I only speak the truth<3

Wahhh!! Really?! And I'm sure you would never disappoint..! ;v; And if anything I'm a bit rusty so I may not be up to snuff either xD;; Ahahah;; I don't mind using Skype or rolyplaying through notes :,D Whatever you're most comfortable with- and I do have a skype! >//v//< It's HappyFoxChelsy
omg the history :iconthisisaefulplz: ahudisjhtuht /hugs him/
I really love him the design and his personality are just perfect
and yaaaay we both got in! ;; hopefuly we can rp sometime I dunno ahdusihft
:iconsopsplz: /hugs you QvQ
Thanks! Oh gosh /// asjdlsjd
YEAAAH! 8D We both got in!! /^o^/
Oh man that sounds pretty darn swell! I'd love to roleplay with you sometime! *v* Do you have a Skype by any chance?
:iconbrohugplz: dis time I wont fail at icons! yeah!
and ahusdhdsft yes I do! ohoho I shall note it to u if u want? ;; ahh
:iconheadmassageplz: ehehehehe
Ohh sure! *p*~ That'd be pretty dandy!
Plutonian-Desu Mar 27, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I got really REALLY excited when I saw that he uses sound as a weapon like my character does, just saying~
Hope they can team up some time and feed off each others awesome sound powers!
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